December 07, 2012

My Party Dress

I normally don't do fashion posts....

But in this case, I will
because I sewed it.

I wanted to share my new 
Party Dress.

I have a few functions this month
to attend, and so of course
I needed something to wear.

I pretty much dress-up when ever I 
get a chance. 
And if I can pull off a Vintage
mid-century look in the dress-up process,
then I am very happy.

I used black Baroque Satin.
It has body, but is soft 
and comfortable to wear. 

I got it at Joanns, on sale, yipee!


I used these two patterns.
I used the bodice from the
retro Butterick, and for the skirt I 
used the vogue.
I didn't have enough fabric for 
the circle skirt part of the Butterick,
so I improvised, and went with a little
less of a full skirt.
I also added an extra piece to
the bottom of the bodice.

You can see my petticoat\ crinoline 
peeking out.

I made that too a while back.
I love my crinoline.
It works with all of my full 
vintage circle skirts and dresses.
on Burda Style website.

I love the fullness, and ruffles.
I used marked down fabrics at walmart, that were
not marked, so I'm not sure
what types of fabrics these are.
One part reminds me of charmeuse,
and the other stiff pieces actually could be crinoline.
I used white cotton for the top.

I also wanted to show off
my bouffant or mini bee hive.
I had some pretty good height going.
I love doing my hair up in vintage styles.

My earrings I got at Forever 21.
My necklace in the above pic is vintage.
I changed my mind and chose to 
wear the necklace below, which
is also from Forever 21.
My eye glasses really rounded out the 
whole vintage vibe that I was going for.

My husband was saying funny things
during this mini photo shoot,
alas my awkward smile....
You can see how full and pretty the skirt
part of my dress turned out as I try to do a twirl.

I had a hard time deciding 
what cardigan to wear. 
This jewel toned aqua one, 
seemed to work out perfect.
I didn't forget to wear my
favorite cocktail Ring either.

It is such a blast dressing 
from another time period.
Life is short, dress fun!



  1. Shut UP! I can't believe you made this dress! It is so beautiful, you look amazing in it. This is how I would like to look at the grocery store. No joke!

  2. Thanks so much for visiting me - it was fun for me to find you and stop over for a bit. I love your party dress, your 50's style, and the pink and blue mantle! I am looking forward to reading your posts about teaching scripture to kids too!

  3. Amazing! You are so talented. That dress is made for you! :D I hope you get to go to a Christmas party!

    Sewing garments takes a whole different level of skill and patience than crafty sewing! I don't sew clothing, but my mom sewed for me growing up so I can kind of appreciate the time you spent on this dress. She sewed stuff like skirts, shorts, and tops when I was younger, and then when I was in high school she made several formal dresses. And she sewed my wedding dress. I remember many fittings.

    1. Thanks- that's awesome that your mom sewed for you growing up. You could sew a dress too, if you really wanted to:) Sewing garments today is easier than ever. With there being such a huge sewing community on-line, any questions about sewing can easily be answered. Give it a try:)

  4. You look FAB Darling!

  5. How fun is that! You did an amazing job and you look adorable! Let the partying begin! :)

  6. My name is Ann, and I just found your blog! I love the dress! You are an gifted it so many ways. I don't blog, but like reading ones on thrifting and retro collections. God Bless!


It's always such a treat hearing from you.

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